Meet Able Ideaz

The Team

Let's pay some attention to the men, and women behind the curtain!

W. Casey Wheeler

Owner, Art-Q-Tech

James Huntley

Art Team Manager

Brittany Gonzalez

P. R. Manager

Jeff Brown

Go 2 Guy


Go 2 Guy

Heather Kral

Operations Manager

Seneca Hinds

Social Media & Web

Brian Smith

Web Designer

Patrick Bailey

Web Developer

The Art Team & Audio Visual Department

Jonathan Workman

Director of Videography & Photography

C. Rex Perry

Contributing Artist
Reginald Mackie

Reginald Mackie


Kristopher Stephens

Clif AKA 'Geno'

Clif AKA 'Geno'



Artist / Video / Photography

Manga Minions Team

Crystal, Val, Serena, Porche

Able Ideaz Models

The lovely ladies that bring our comics to life!