Soul Patrol

Soul Patrol #1


1966 Oakland CA the Black Panther Party known to be a Marxist-Leninist Black Power Political Organization was founded. It was active in the United States with chapters in major cities as well as international chapters abroad over a course of almost sixteen (16) years...

It was no secret that the BPP was considered a threat and targeted also constantly attacked by the Police and Government Officials which led to deadly outcomes in various cities. But what was kept a secret is that in 1969 during the height of the BPP Membership of approximately 50,000 strong there was a different attack onto the party. Brutal attacks of unusual epic supernatural proportions that were kept hidden from the general public still to this day. A Vampire Attack led by an ancient Blood thirsty Lithuanian Lady Vampire known as The Red Duchess. Legend has it that the Red Duchess is a niece of Elena Glinskaya better known to be the mother of Ivan the Terrible. The Red Duchess was embraced by a handsome male suitor that turned out to be a Vampire back in 1558. Once she realized what she had become she killed her suitor that turned her and fled the country spending the next four centuries roaming the world feeding off of humans and stealing anything of value from her victims whether it be their jewelry, estates, properties, or power.

The Red Duchess had the idea that the Governments treatment of the Black Panther Party was extremely unfair and thought she’d be giving the BPP and advantage if she turned some of its members into vampires. She manipulated her way into a local eastern chapter under the guise she would contribute large sums of money and weapons to the BPP if they introduced her to their Chapter Leadership. Once in the meeting she immediately began slaughtering members she deemed weak and unworthy to be part of the new BPP Vampire army she wanted to form and embraced a handful of members so they’d be part of her ultimate agenda. Survivors of this attack that managed to escape told their story to other Black Panther Party Chapters but their story was thought to be too unrealistic and it was conceived by the Leadership of BPP that it was a Government Conspiracy that killed its members and caused the others to go missing.

One of the surviving members of the Red Duchess’s attack was the Chapter Secretary Dahlia who lost her husband and brother during the attack. Dahlia refused to just accept the BPP Leadership final assessment of the incident and knew what she saw was beyond normal. She reached out to BPP Sister Members known as Reaper who was a chemist and bomb explosives expert and Monae who was a Diehard Sister Soldier that could stand toe to toe with any man in a fight. Reaper had a unique reputation for strategically setting off explosives at multiple KKK offices and the home of a racist Southern Supreme Court Judge at the exact same time without any evidence leading back to her.

After recruiting Reaper & Monae, Dahlia then decided to seek help from a childhood friend known as Micks (short for Michaela) she grew up with who was now one of the few Black women on a Police Force. Micks was never affiliated with the Black Panther Party but did decide to help her long time friend by recruiting another female officer Ariel “Jinx” Kincaid as well seeking the assist from another female Vampire she was familiar with known as “Vicious” who for centuries had been killing Vampires that prey on human life.

Once Dahlia and Micks had their Crew of Lady Vampire Hunters assembled, they began a heroic legacy that would never be mentioned in the history books.

Hence forth Soul Patrol was formed...