Lingo #1

Lingo #1


This is a story of a teenage girl, Lisbeth "Lingo" Sapir. Born with a unique gift to communicate & translate anything and everything in multiple Galaxies maybe even the Universe. She has a human Mother from planet Earth who serves as a United States Army Captain current MOS in Intelligence based out of the Pentagon and multiple bases for the Military Department of Defense. Captain Latisha Marie Sapir has an impressive combat record after bravely serving four (4) tours in Iraq & Afgahnistan.

Lingo has an alien Father from the planet Sapiria approximately 900.5 million miles from Earth and just on the other side of Saturn bordering the Lexilar Solar System. Franklyn Sapir serves as an Intergalactic Ambassador who stands for Diplomacy & Peace for a Nation of United Solar Systems. Ambassador Franklyn has successfully negotiated peace between multiple alien planets for over a century. It was decided by the Heads of the Sapirian Council to make their existence known to Earth's leaders back in the early 1970's and over the course of two decades of a peaceful co-existence and shared knowledge of technology Earth and Sapiria formed a partnership which allowed Franklyn and a few other Sapirian Delegates to reside on Earth unknown to the General Public and their existence is still ranked TS/SCI Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information.

Sapirians have the ability to retract & hide their obvious alien features and with assistance from the best make-up artist the United States Government could hire they have the ability to blend with Earthlings.

Lingo is a very inncoent and kind hearted girl with a natural gift for Diplomacy due to her Alien Father's Peaceful demeanor, however, Lingo's Mother is the polar opposite and has a colorful but highly respected Military background with a history of committing violents acts in the name of Diplomacy during her days as a soldier which were all cleared and approved by the United States Military Armed Forces. So Lingo, is the product of two individuals that have personalities that contradict each other.

Only time will tell which direction Lingo intends to use her special abilities and what her limitations are as far as her extrordinary linguistic skills.