Gemini: Case Files

Gemini Case Files


Gemini Case Files takes you on an Intriguing Investigative Journey with the Porter’s, a recently married couple who were once childhood friends that had grown apart for a long fifteen (15) year period but would later by chance end up in New York City investigating a series of serial murders being committed within the five boroughs. Theodore Porter is a highly educated & respected Criminologist hired/ contracted to work with various Law Enforcement Agencies alongside Crime Scene Analyst, & Investigators on both local & Federal levels. Theodore's investigative tactics and unique methods along with his semi socially challenged personality causes him to be the target of ridicule by his fellow crime investigators but it always plays out to where Theodore solves the cases in record time by unusual unorthodox tactics or sometimes in methodical fashion. Louise Porter formerly known as Louise Devereux was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Louise had served two tours in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan & would later become a Special Agent with the FBI working in its Fugitive Task Force Unit. Louise can be bossy, aggressive & tough. She is socially the polar opposite of Theodore & despite their three-year age gap she always protected him from the high school bullies back when they were kids. Now as Theodore's new wife and investigative partner she finds herself constantly watching his back &protecting him from the malicious mass murderers and hardened criminals he pursues during his investigations.